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Love Powers the World


On the March 17, 2014 show (Click here to listen!):


Stacy and Malayna discuss how LOVE is the force that makes the world go ’round, and is the proverbial pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Stacy shares the five redeeming lessons she learned from watching the TV show The Bachelor, and Malayna shares the messages she gleaned from an international wedding and media that entertained her on her long journey home.  Let these Pop Conscious pals be your leprechauns and guide you to find your own magic!

Show Notes:  Had an exciting technical difficulty where we were off the air for a few minutes, but we still packed a lot in!

Stacy Finds Redemption in The Bachelor in 5 Life Lessons:

  1. Do what is right for you despite social pressure…
  2. Listen to your instincts…
  3. Everyone wants love and companionship…
  4. Family and Faith are important for the length and stability of a relationship…
  5. There are lots of beautiful places in the world to visit.

Malayna shares music from the international wedding she conducted:

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How to Consume the Media Without Letting It Consume You

Original air date: Monday, January 27, 2014

Great image from Michael Georgeson.

Episode Description:

Our Pop Conscious gals, Stacy and Malayna, offer steps and examples about how to be the consumer, not the consumee of movies, television, music, and online entertainment. Take control and let it all enrich your life rather than letting it take control of your brain. We can be in the world but not of the world and make everything a reflection of spiritual principle!

Guilty pop pleasures like The Bachelor or Twilight lead us to examine social evolution and inner demons; the Grammy’s lead us to marvel at how music can bring the world and generations together. We look at examining our radio presets, DVR’d shows, and phone apps for patterns and how Cirque du Soleil confirms that “with God all things are possible.” We talk about Arthur C. Clarke and when sci-fi become science reality and how observation, discernment, and choice help us create the life we want to live.

Read about the steps we talked about in this article on Unity.org!