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If We Gave Out Oscars

Original air date: Monday, February 23, 2015
Episode Description:

We’re all caught up in Oscar Fever! Of course, if WE were in charge, things might look a little different. Your Pop Conscious pals, Malayna and Stacy, will not only discuss their Oscar-related opinions, but will also create their own categories and criteria, and dole out virtual awards of their own imaginary design! Join in the fun and maybe you’ll even come out a winner.

Malayna’s Tweets and Notes from before the show: but LISTEN for Stacy’s great Pop Conscious Oscar Awards! 

  • “Stay weird, stay different, & when it’s your turn & you’re standing on this stage, please pass the same message …along” ‪#‎ItGetsBetter
    • Graham Moore, winner of best adapted screenplay oscar for The Imitation Game.
  • Gaga just won generations of fans! So touched when Julie Andrews came out and hugged her!
  • “Thank God that lives in us all!” -Common”This Bridge… Now is a symbol for change. The spirit of this bridge transcends race, gender, religion, sexual orientation & social status” “This bridge was built on hope, welded with compassion & elevated by love for all human beings.” – Common (Lonny Linn)
  • Viewed around the world, “We are bound together by our fascination and passion for cinema.” Yay! – president of the Academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs
  • Patricia Arquette – Give Love.org – Community-led sanitation projects to improve public health & create jobs around recycling, Wage equality
  • #‎EverythingIsAwesome !!! I want a Lego Oscar! ‪#‎Oscars Andy Samberg’s been busy! (SNL 40)
  • “The most enduring mystery of the Universe is love.” – Shirley Maclaine
  • “In a darkened theater…differences seem to melt away. We laugh, or cry, as one…because movies…[are] about being human.” ‪#‎Oscars – Nicole Kidman with Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • “The stories that motivate us that remind us to be brave…chase impossible dreams, and to stand up for our rights” #NPH #Oscars
  • “Tonight is for the people who love these movies. Who bought a ticket, who took a ride, who got lost in the stories that inspire us…”
  • Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Oscars! Loved it! @whedonesque @ActuallyNPH
  • “Moving pictures: They may not be real life, but they’ll show you what life really means” #Oscars #NPH
  • “How they move you…and improv you” #oscars opening
  • Mental Floss @mental_floss
  • When Hattie McDaniel won the Oscar 75 years ago, she had to make her way to the stage from a segregated table at the back of the room.

“The Oscar goes to ….Malayna……”!!!  (Melena Canonero for Grand Budapest Hotel)

My friend Chyla sang with John Legend and Common! (http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Chyla) “she grew up singing with remarkably talented artists such as Muse, Michael Jackson, P!nk and Alicia Keys.”

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Awarding Excellence, Defining an Era


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Originally aired Feb 2, 2015

With the Super Bowl and Awards Shows getting all the media attention, we started looking at the patterns that emerged. Both bring together the best in their field, not just in competition, but in celebration. All involved, including the entertainment that surround them, are like snapshots of their moment in history, preserved for posterity. In this episode, we’ll look at musical performances, advertisements, host vignettes and the pop culture that helps us define each era.

Overall themes we touched on:

  • Season for Nonviolence – protest, competition, toward oneness?
  • Superbowl – competition brings people together, sportsmanship…
  • Half time shows and national anthem – defining an era
  • Awards shows – competition, excellence, defining an era

From Katy Perry’s pre-Superbowl interview:

Can you imagine if over 100 million people smile all at once, what kind of energy will we be creating around the world at that moment?

We spoke about the iconic Superbowl performances this year:

  • National Anthem – Idina Menzel
  • America the Beautiful by John Legend (LOVE!) (will be Oscar performer of “Glory” from Selma)
  • Halftime – Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott

And talked about how there must be parallels between Superbowl performances and Oscar-nominated songs!  (And found these, since the show!)

  • 2002 – U2 ‘s song for Gangs of New York was nominated and they performed at the Superbowl
  • 2003 – Sting was nominated for an Oscar for his song for the film Cold Mountain, and he performed at the Superbowl with No Doubt and Shania Twain.

And so much more!  Listen to hear the whole conversation!

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