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Celebrities, Causes and Campaigns


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Original air date: Monday, February 09, 2015

There are many celebs that choose to use their star power for good, helping to draw attention to a worthy cause. Others may be faced with the question, “to guilt or not to guilt?” We’ll talk about how often guilt works, (we promise not to play Sarah McLachlan’s song during the show…) and also campaigns that have found creative ways to make a difference by harnessing the power of affirmative language!


We talked about a lot of stuff, but listen to hear the entire conversation!

From our pre-show notes:

The language of campaigns — be careful…!

From http://www.mediameasurement.com

Perhaps the most important factor to consider, which in turn makes campaigners even more wary, is the use of slang and understanding differences in cultural associations. It certainly requires a lot of careful attention to avoid a marketing calamity. Some examples of these poor chaps include the Dairy Association’s famous “Got Milk?” campaign in Mexico translated to “Are You Lactating?”.

And or perhaps even better yet, the fail of Proctor & Gamble launching Pampers in Japan where they pictured a stork on the packaging which highly confused the Japanese as they did not understand at all why a giant bird would be carrying off a baby.

Check out these online resources that fueled our conversation!

Successful, positive campaigns that utilize social networks that we liked:

And more traditional campaigns:

We also talked about the book  29 Gifts by Cami Walker, Coca Cola campaigns like #MakeitHappy, Campaigns to Rethink cyber bullying and encourage youth to be change agents, amd more!