Pop Conscious: Where Pop Culture & Spirituality Unite! Is a 1-hr podcast every Monday with Malayna Dawn & Stacy Macris Ros at Unity.FM.

Pop culture is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.” But can it be meaningful? Spiritual, even? The hosts of “Pop Conscious” think it can be, and that it can be fun to explore too! Malayna Dawn and Stacy Macris Ros will be your amateur cultural anthropologists, examining pop culture and spirituality every Monday at Noon Pacific, 2 p.m. Central on “Pop Conscious” on Unity Online Radio, the Voice of an Awakening World.

Logo - Square-170x170-75Connecting Entertainment and Enlightenment! 
On our online radio show/podcast, we talk about the influence of television, films, music, books, comic books, the internet and the arts on our culture, and how we can find inspiration, spiritual themes and a deeper meaning that can enrich our lives in all of it.
Listen live on Mondays at 12 Noon Pacific Time by going to www.unity.fm or www.unityonlineradio.org
Listen to our archived shows anytime!  Go to www.unity.fm/PopConscious, or download them from iTunes or Stitcher!
~ We’re lovingly supported by Unity of the Oaks (www.unityoftheoaks.org)—the home base of Pop Conscious (PopConscious.org). We are a ministry supported by love offerings and donations.  To donate using PayPal, click the button below.  To be our sponsor, e-mail us at info [at] popconscious.org.
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