Pop Conscious Ways of Being



The first online class series will begin November 7, 2018!  Register as a Spiritual Explorer and join Malayna for 5 weeks of interactive, insightful fun that’s good for your soul.  Go to unity.org/spiritualexplorers

PopConscious Explorer copy

EXPERIENCES – including coaching, tours, and events… coming soon!

PopConscious Evolution copy

THE PODCAST that started it all…

Listen on iTunes or in the archives at Unity Online Radio


About MalaynaDawn

She sees everything in life as a metaphor for spiritual growth, and loves sharing ideas. Author of Echoes Across Time, a spiritual adventure novel, she has written for a variety of positive websites and magazines, and dabbled in many areas of the entertainment industry and online media. Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Malayna lived in Sri Lanka for 12 years, learning and writing about the world and its people. Find out what she's learned at www.malayna-dawn.com!

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