How to Be Pop Conscious

Original air date: Monday, March 28, 2016

In this episode, we celebrate the completion of 100 episodes!  HOORAY! So we’ll look at what it means to be Pop Conscious and how one might go about attempting to live a Pop Conscious existence every day. We’ll take a look back throughout two years of shows to find the recurring themes, the standouts, and the takeaways. Join us as we share collective pop culture memories, surprises, and inspiration from unexpected sources and offer tips to find more!

Malayna’s Notes:

We’ve had guests!  Total # of Guests:  33

Guests that have been on twice:  Sherry Hursey, Rev. Kelly Isola, Dr. Tanya Cochran, Rev. Ogun Holder
Authors: (with links to their episode or one of them, in some cases…)

  1. Sunil Yapa
  2. Dr. Scott Bowman
  3. Ogun Holder
  4. Kelly Isola
  5. Dave Zaboski – illustrator
  6. Sezin Koehler
  7. Tanya Cochran
  8. Cindy Wright
  9. Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo
  10. Kelsey Timmerman
  11. David Mezzapelle
  12. Charles Holt
  13. Adam Chester
  14. Erika Eleniak!

Actors: (with links to their episode, perhaps a different one if they’re listed above, those multi-talented kids….)

  1. Erika Eleniak
  2. Sherry Hursey
  3. Maggie Wheeler
  4. Charles Holt
  5. Lucky Yates (Voice Actor)
  6. Erin Fitzgerald (Voice Actor)


Tara Hernandez


  1. Adam Chester
  2. Bennett Quintard
  3. Kevin Fisher
  4. Daniel Nahmod
  5. Harold Payne


  1. Molly Rockey
  2. Shad Groverland
  3. Ogun Holder
  4. Kristin Powell
  5. Evelyn Foreman
  6. Kelly Isola


  1. Tanya Cochran
  2. Scott Bowman


  1. Dreambuilder Tracy Williams
  2. Michele Coles

Surprisingly personal episodes

The Body Image Shift

Electronic Communications, Real Feelings – Four Agreements

Inner Mean Girls

Exploring Depression

Spock Tribute

Outlanders, Outliers and Outcasts

These links take you to the show info, but for images and notes, search this here blog!

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