Dedication to Something Bigger

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Original air date: Monday, November 09, 2015

Today we remember those whose dedication to a cause was so complete that they gave their lives to change the world. This includes war veterans as well as spiritual leaders like Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr., but there are also those who gave themselves to something bigger and found the impact differed from their intention. A great example is Hedy Lamarr, who would be celebrating her 101st birthday today. A successful actress in 1930s and ’40s Hollywood, her scientific curiosity led to inventions intended to help the Allies during World War II, but we now use them as the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications. Join Stacy and Malayna as they explore the inner call that pulls us forward and honor those who stepped forward to meet and create their destiny.

About MalaynaDawn

She sees everything in life as a metaphor for spiritual growth, and loves sharing ideas. Author of Echoes Across Time, a spiritual adventure novel, she has written for a variety of positive websites and magazines, and dabbled in many areas of the entertainment industry and online media. Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Malayna lived in Sri Lanka for 12 years, learning and writing about the world and its people. Find out what she's learned at!

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