Loving Those Who Lead

Original air date: Monday, February 16, 2015
Episode Description:

This week, we aim to bridge the sentiments of both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day by showing some love for our Commanders in Chief. With guest co-host and new Pop Conscious team member Michele Coles (who actually has a degree in pop culture!), we’ll talk about the history of media coverage and media depictions of the president, as well as how social media seem to make some people far more vocal. How can we apply affirmative language and Unity principles to politics? Join us as we explore the possibilities!

Where else can you find someone applying the message of “Love the One You’re With” to our Presidents?  Only on Pop Conscious!  This video shows some of Pop Conscious favorite local landscape, not Presidents, just so you know….

Some stuff we discussed:

A study from the Stanford University Political Communications Lab called How Negative Campaigns Shrink the Electorate

The awesome film, Kingsman, is a good example of what might happen if no one trusted their elected officials…but the song during closing credits was inspiring!  “Get Ready for It” by Take That!

Here’s a link to the music vid

Here are the lyrics, for your perusal!

Support Our Troops!

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