The Spirit Behind CG Animation

Original air date: Monday, August 18, 2014
Erin Fitzgerald
Episode Description:

If you’ve ever played a video game, or watched cartoons or anime, chances are you’ve heard our special guest, Erin Fitzgerald! If you haven’t, but were ever curious about why everyone else has, Pop Conscious can help you. We’ll examine what has allowed the video game industry to surpass the success of film and television for years now. Join us as we explore computer-generated animation!

Show Notes:
We met a handful of her different characters… talked about the connection between spirit, breath and voice…found life lessons and spiritual metaphors in both the creation process and the message of cartoons, anime and video games!
We learned Erin’s technique of getting into character to create the voice, heart and soul of the artist’s vision, and how we can use that same technique in our spiritual practice to “put on” our best, most ideal selves.
We learned to be fountains of spirit, and spread our glistening drops of light wherever we go — we just need to do our best to be clear channels of that love.
We laughed a lot too.  Not surprising really!

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