Crazy for Comic Con


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So excited! On Monday we were  joined by our friend Lucky Yates (@luckyyates), AKA Dr. Krieger on “Archer”, fresh from Comic Con to help us learn why we’re all so Crazy for Comic Con! We wish he was wearing a t-shirt with our logo there. Maybe next year! 

Show topic:

Crazy for Comic Con
Why is Comic Con so awesome? We’ll take a Pop Conscious look with our friend Lucky Yates, the voice actor known as Doctor Krieger on the animated series “Archer”! Stacy and Malayna met Lucky at the International Youth of Unity Conference back in the day, so join us as we examine how Comic Con has become a religious experience of pop culture power.


Lucky YatesDr Krieger from Archer Fan SiteProm with Lucky and Stacy

Above, Lucky and Stacy dodging the paparazzi on the way to prom, while Stacy wears Barbie’s dress!


What we learned: Comic Con is a great place to let your freak flag fly and know you’ll be celebrated for being fully who you want to be!

Kids who were part of the Youth of Unity got to experience that as well.  And it has impacted our lives positively!


Pre-Show Notes:

For a more thorough wrap of Comic Con, read Charlie Jane Anders’ article on entitled: Comic-Con Wrap-Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw In San Diego!




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